A disarming chance meeting

I was having an OK night. Nothing terribly Earth shattering, but a good gathering of acquaintances and friends at a Chuck-E-Cheese type place for adults. Well, I mean that I don’t think Chuck-E-Cheese has a bar area.

Anyhow, after meeting my friends, things were somewhat chaotic, people arriving at different times, people moving with their close group of friends, others gravitating towards the bar area to get food or drinks.

Then the unexpected happened. I saw her, I never thought in a million years I would ever see her again, but given the fact we have some friends in common, it was bound to happen at some point.

It somewhat disarmed me, it was akward and I didn’t know how to act. I tried to completely ignore her, after all the bad things that happened, but later on I went over to talk to her boyfriend and she made some chit chat and I thought that I wish I could get past it. I wish I could have gone up to her and said so much to her, stuff like, “you don’t mean anything to me anymore,” and “My life is so much better now that you are not a part of it,” but what I really wanted to say was that I missed the way things were before it was bad, when we were still friends, before everything got messed up. And it sucked, and my night was ruined from that point on because I don’t like the idea that someone is out there feeling uncomfortable around me.

I shouldn’t give a shit, but I do and I should know that I can’t fix this, but I really really wish I could fix it. I really like her boyfriend, he and I used to be friends, not close friends, but good friends and I think that he may think I only talk to him to get to her. Doesn’t life suck sometimes??

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