Prep football report: week 8

October 29, 2007









For the second consecutive week I found myself at Covina’s district field on friday night, this time covering the game between the Covina Colts and Ganesha High.

Not that it was a close contest with the Colts winning 40-21. After the game, I decided to do something different and get a player’s perspective. I usually only have time and print space to get the head coach’s reaction, but I was getting bored of interviewing coaches so I decided to interview a Covina player instead. It was interesting because the whole time I was asking him questions his dad was by his side with his arms over his shoulder pads, obviously proud of his son’s accomplishments. You don’t see this a lot at the college games where the parents usually don’t come down to the field after a game and usually just talk to the players from the railings on the bleachers. Someone who looked a little to young to be the mother (so I assumed she was a relative or a friend) asked if she could get a copy. I told her, “Just look for the Tribune, it should be out tomorrow morning.” Maybe she thought I was from the yearbook staff or something, not realizing she could buy herself a copy in less than 8 hours. This week I have to go out to El Monte to cover a Mountain View game against South El Monte and I have to write an article for the Weekly so it should be another busy week.


Stack guys pimping out comics

October 23, 2007

I get a kick out of these guys reviewing comics every week, but I am mostly embedding their video so that I can win an xmen pop up book. I know I am a big nerd, but who the hell doesn’t want a free X-Men pop up?? At least they have good enough taste to review Marvel Zombies 2

new action shots (what d’ya think?)

October 18, 2007

When I was a staff writer at Mt. SAC I won first place for sports writing 2 semesters in a row, the first semester I entered two articles and the judges could not decide so I tied with myself for first place honors. The last time it was especially rewarding because one of the judges was Doug Spoon who was formerly sports editor at the Tribune and teaches reporting at Cal Poly.

I don’t mention this to brag, it’s just that I anticipated taking an advanced reporting class with him at Cal Poly so it was especially cool to receive an award on a contest he judged. Nowadays though, I have been mostly freelancing for Citrus’ magazine and shooting sports. Here are some photos from the latest edition of the Clarion where I photographed women’s soccer. The bottom shot was blown up and used as a page 1 photo. I was pretty grateful my friend lent me his telephoto lens, or I don’t think they would have come out as nice, though I found out that I could get some good shots from near the sidelines.

I got pretty lucky that it wasn’t sunny, a bit hazy so I didn’t have to worry too much about shadows.

Getting good results with moving action is very tricky but I think that with practice I can improve some more. I hope to keep getting assignments so I get the chance to practice more.

Down with the Raider Nation!

October 16, 2007

raiderhaternobst.jpgI had a good productive weekend. Even though I had decided not to cover anymore prep games for the Tribune, when I realized there were only 4 left on the regular schedule, I realized it would be foolish to quit, so I covered the Rowland vs. West Covina matchup in Rowland Heights.

I remained objective as a reporter should, although I have to admit a slight bias towards the Bulldogs, I have nothing against the Rowland Raiders, I just dislike their name. West Covina won convincingly 27-0.

Then on Sunday, I was most pleased. To wit:

Choke on this Raider fans!

New blog, sort of…

October 13, 2007

Sadly, I had to let my old blog (Back to Sunnydale) die due to the fact that the servers at the other blog place were lousy. It was getting that I had to wait too long to post and sometimes I could not log at all, even though I have DSL. So, I decided to continue my musings and document my efforts here. I started this blog over the summer to document my adventures as a tyro photographer, hence the address, but have renamed it to Behind my byline to go along with my writing site. That site has samples of the latest articles and publications I have worked on and I may switch it over to a site devoid of advertising when I find a cheap web host. For the moment it resides at my tripod free address.

I will update this blog with more updates a bit later this weekend.