New blog, sort of…

Sadly, I had to let my old blog (Back to Sunnydale) die due to the fact that the servers at the other blog place were lousy. It was getting that I had to wait too long to post and sometimes I could not log at all, even though I have DSL. So, I decided to continue my musings and document my efforts here. I started this blog over the summer to document my adventures as a tyro photographer, hence the address, but have renamed it to Behind my byline to go along with my writing site. That site has samples of the latest articles and publications I have worked on and I may switch it over to a site devoid of advertising when I find a cheap web host. For the moment it resides at my tripod free address.

I will update this blog with more updates a bit later this weekend.

2 Responses to New blog, sort of…

  1. James says:

    This one seems to have a cleaner basic layout… however, I haven’t had problems over at blogger .. nevertheless ..

    I’m decent now.

    I’m going to email the helpdesk during the weekend to get me unlimited bandwidth for all the audiocasts I done so far — 3-4 of them are out of commission for now.

    I’m transferring them all to the website …

    Fileden only gives me 5 GB of bandwidth – so I’m making separate email/fileden accounts with each audiocast I do now.

    It’s ridiculous but it keeps everything running for now.

    new site.

    Mt. SAC Sports going on myspace now.

  2. breastesooms says:

    i am gonna show this to my friend, man

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