Halloween reviews

redsnow01-1.jpgHappy halloween one and all, in honor of the day I present a couple of mini reviews of two of my favorite horror based comics. Long ago, comics used to get made about movies. For example, Marvel’s Star Wars comics based on the Lucas blockbuster and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Ever since Superman the movie, it’s the other way around. Movies are based on comics, some recent examples include Ghostworld, X-Men, Spiderman, Hellboy and 30 Days of Nights.

I haven’t seen the film but it is based on Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith’s brilliant premise about a town being over run by vampires in the month long nights of the artic circle. This comic from IDW may have single handedly revitalized the stale horror comic genre and with good reason, Templesmith’s painted artistic work is a visual feast. Recently, IDW has released “Red Snow” based on the same idea but set in world war 2. Vampires in the second world war are not new, since they are immortal they have been seen in this era before in other media such as a notable episode of Angel and in some novels that I have read, but Templesmith still manages to make this comic appealing and suspenseful.

walkingdead16.jpgI am not sure if the latest issue of The Walking Dead (#43) from Image comics qualifies as a horror comic. I mean, sure it is set in a world where zombies have infested the planet (or maybe just the state of Georgia, not sure) but the biggest horror found within the pages of Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard’s excellent comic has to be the return of the governor, a sadistic and ruthless opponent who is bent on exacting revenge on the survivors including Michonne who tortured him to death after the former savagely raped her.

Holy shit! Even though this is mostly a flashback comic, this was still one great read from the governor’s weird and twisted love for his daughter turned zombie to the anticipation building by the invasion of the governor’s troops of the prison where Rick and the others reside. My one problem with the comic was that it was unrealistic that the governor would have survived, especially after being treated by Bob who was a field medic seemingly a million years ago. This book was still rivetting and one of the best currently on the stands. Maybe they will make a “The Walking Dead” black and white movie soon.

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