Super Monday


This is super Monday. Meaning that I will do mini reviews of a lot of the current comics featuring Superman. That worked well with halloween horror so I guess I am trying a “theme” again. Today’s theme is the last son of Krypton and the comics he starts in.

First up is Superman #667. I like the cover, it’s got a lot of nice action and I like the pose of the monster being slugged by Supes. Supes doesn’t look like himself though, he’s got kind of a weird facial expression. I like what Jesus Merino and Carlos Pacheco did with the artwork here. Subjekt 17 looks menacing enough and the panels depicting the big brawl between Superman and the monster were really good.
I didn’t care as much for the story. Superman is almost godlike in his powers and it takes a lot to challenge him so he’s forever thrust into impossible situations and he goes up against cosmic threats all the time. However, Arion is a boring adversary. Apparently he tries to convince Superman that a big disaster is coming for mankind and it’s all his fault because he is unleashing a lot of forces which set this whole impending doom in motion. It’s an intriguing premise but unless the payoff is coming soon, I will soon grow tired of the whole arc.

Next is Action Comics #856 which continues Richard Donner’s and Eric Powell’s “Escape From Bizarro World” storyline. I missed the issue before this one, but a quick internet recap brought me up to speed. I can’t imagine an artist better suited for this type of story than Powell. I love reading “The Goon” and his style is perfect for Bizarro world. The story is simple but some story elements we haven’t seen before are introduced such as Superman being affected by the Bizarro world’s blue sun and a new generation gets to be enthralled by the weirdness of a Bizarro world. I wish Donner and Powell could stay on this title on a permanent basis.

Finally there is JLA #13. I am clearly enjoying this series more now that Brad Meltzer has handed off the writing chores to Dwayne McDuffie. There are some very nice character moments in this issue as the JLA squares off against the Injustice League of America which is comprised of such regulars as Lex Luthor, Gorilla Grodd, the Joker and many others. Superman’s conversation with Mari was especially well written.

What I didn’t like about this issue is that Dr. Light makes an appearance and an allusion to his raping Sue Dibny in Identity Crisis is made. I didn’t agree with the editorial decision to include such an adult theme into a comic book which was read by a lot of youngsters, even if DC made that whole series more adult oriented. I know the intent was to make these villains seem like a real threat instead of the stale caricatures they sometimes become, but I don’t think something that graphic was needed outside of a Vertigo line, even if it was handled off panel. At any rate, this comic is full of the whimsy and sense of fun rarely found in modern comics, it’s almost like an homage to the silver age comics of yesteryear with a modern artistic bent to them. I just hate that they are so short and am not crazy about the current lineup.

Well that’s all for now. Let me know what you think and what you’re reading

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  1. Spleengrrl says:

    You gotta love the Man of Steel!

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