Aquaman creator off to the big Atlantis in the sky

justiceleagueaquaman.jpgThat’s right boys and girls, the blogs and news sites this week were full of info on the passing of Aquaman co-creator Paul Norris. Norris created the sea king along with DC writer/editor Mort Weisinger during the golden age of comics. Aquaman has been a long running character along with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and others in the Justice League. However, the version of the character most people remember is the green and orange clad underwater hero who was often seen riding a sea horse on the cheesy cartoons of the 60s.

His look was radically altered in the comics where he lost one of his hands during Peter David’s run on the title and it was copied on the successful Justice League Unlimited cartoons. This is the version of Aquaman I prefer, befitting his royal stature as king of the seven seas.

One interesting historical note: The character Namor the submariner is often thought of by people who don’t know any better as a rip off of Aquaman, but actually Namor predates Aquaman, though the latter may be more popular due to his many appearances in various Hana Barbara cartoons. submariner-sm3.jpg

According to his bio, a versitile and gifted artist, Norris also drew such major characters as Tarzan, Flash Gordon, Sandman, Secret Agent X-9, Magnus, Robot Fighter, Jungle Jim and – most notably – Brick Bradford, an assignment he maintained for 35 years. He continued to draw and make convention appearances in comic cons until recently. May he rest in peace and for his contributions to comics lore, I thank him.


One Response to Aquaman creator off to the big Atlantis in the sky

  1. Spleengrrl says:

    I hated that new look for Aquaman they gave him in the otherwise great cartoon Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. He looked like Hulk Hogan- terrible! He used to be cute!

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