NFL week 14: This is when it gets fun

Mid December is a football fan’s dream time. This is when the playoff picture to determine future super bowl participants comes into clearer focus and there are some monster games on tap. this Sunday my San Diego Chargers could clinch the western division with a win over the Tennessee Titans and a Denver loss.


San Diego had a disappointing season following their league best 14-2 record of a year ago, but has rebounded of late with back to back wins to post a 7-5 record. The defense in particular has played better than in earlier season losses, recording 8 sacks against the Chiefs last week, and despite claims that La Danian Tomlinson, MVP of a year ago is having a sub par year, he still leads the NFL in rushing touchdowns.

Meanwhile, the afternoon game features undefeated New England playing against their toughest opponent yet, the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers are 9-3 but possess the highest ranked defense and highest rated ground game in the league. The Patriots have looked vulnerable two weeks in a row, after dominating their first 10 games by an average of 40 points a game, New England struggled against both Philly and Baltimore and are sure to be tested again by the Steelers. Steelers QB Ben Roetheslisburger has guaranteed a win, but they better play a near perfect game to pull it out.

If you’re a huge football fan, your place come Sunday is on the couch with a drink and maybe some chips nearby. You don’t want to miss these!


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