Superhero of the year: The Invincible Iron Man

On this the first day of winter and 3 days before Xmas, I continue my countdown of the best of the year in comics by presenting the superhero of the year. Wizard called Iron ironman1.jpg Man their character of the year 2007 in their year end wrap up edition and I concur. This has been the most interesting Tony Stark has been in years, due in large part to his stand in the Civil War but also due to his actions in a post Civil War Marvel universe.

Marvel’s decision to make Iron Man the flag bearer for the pro Registration camp during Mark Millar’s epic storyline was a risky one for them considering they have an Iron Man movie starring Robert Downey Jr. out next year. It served to alienate some fans from the character. I talked to many of them at the shop and at the conventions who flat out said they thought Iron Man was an a-hole.

Nevertheless, no character in comics was more influential or as compelling than Iron Man this past year, from his stance in pro-registration to his eventual promotion to director of S.H.I.E.L.D. to his handling of the World War Hulk situation, Tony Stark was everywhere this year and a highlight was his battle with Thor. When the thunder god came back from the dead in Thor #3, he didn’t take lightly to being cloned during the war and had more than a few words with his former Avengers team mate. Yes boys and girls, for this and many other reasons, Tony Stark, the cool exec with a heart of steel and abundance of wealth and toys was the most interesting superhero of 2007.

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