Comeback of the year: The mutants race for survival!

xfact025019_col.jpgMake no mistake about it, though War World Hulk may have been more of a commercial success, Marvel proved that they had vision by placing their team of mutants back on top with the Messiah Complex mini series running through all the x-titles currently.

While X-Factor by Peter David and New X-Men by Kyle and Yost have always been excellent, especially of late, their status has been enhanced by their inclusion into this story arc which the House of ideas presented as a follow up to the “Endangered Species” arc, Messiah has increased the tension and delivered on almost every single issue.

The opening shot was fired by superstar writer Ed Brubaker featuring artwork by, among others, Marc Silvestri! and it brought me back into the fold as the X-titles haven’t been this good since Chris Claremont was writing Uncanny X-Men. OK maybe not that good, but pretty good.

The premise is simple, following the Endangered Species storyline¬† in which Beast was looking for a way to reverse the effects of M-Day, there’s a mutant birth for the first time since M-Day, prompting a frantic race for the baby between the X-Men, the mutant hating Purifiers and the Marauders to ensue. Soon the X-Men find themselves squaring off against Mr. Sinister and there’s a monster called Predator X running around loose killing off mutants. That’s all in the first 3 or 4 installments! This series is non stop action and intrigue and as such, one of the best of 2007. I highly recommend picking up the individual issues, especially to those who love the X-Men.


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