The year’s best writer

brubakered4193.jpgNeedless to say, being an aspiring writer myself, this is a big category. This year no one is more deserving of the award that Marvel script writer Ed Brubaker who writes among other things The Uncanny X-Men and Captain America.

Brubaker may be Bendis’ equal amidst Marvel’s elite writers and is the man responsible for the biggest surprise of the year: The demise of Captain America in that comic book’s now celebrated 25th issue. In fact, it has been retold countless times how Brubaker revitalized the title after doing the unthinkable: bringing Bucky back from the dead.

The previous sacred cow of the comic book pantheon, Bucky’s death was as iconic as Spidey’s blue and red threads (thought I guess that wasn’t the best example as Marvel tinkered with that back in ’84) and there had to be a lot of trepidation at the House of Ideas at the mere thought of resurrecting the character in this day and age considering his roots to the cold war and his near perfect death.

captainamericadead.jpgHowever, in the aftermath of the super hero civil war, Brubaker managed to pull off the biggest surprise of the year by killing of a character as iconic as Captain America The A.P. quickly picked up the story, proving how ingrained these characters have become in the public’s consciousness but also catapulting an already talented writer into the stratosphere.

That Brubaker had already accomplished something amazing on his run on Cap by bringing back Bucky from the dead at a time when death and resurrection in comics had become somewhat of a cliche was impressive. However, Brubaker wasn’t afraid to tackle one of comicdom’s longest standing legacies by not only bringing back Bucky to life, but transforming him into a new and compelling character: The Winter Soldier.

In fact, Captain America’s real triumph wasn’t restricted to bringing in more fans to the book, the writer skillfully also managed to make the book even better, despite the fact the titular character has been dead for over half a year.

Brubaker’s feats aren’t limited to his Marvel work, though he has done solid work on titles like Daredevil and Uncanny X-Men where he continued the Messiah Complex storyline. He’s also brilliantly penned his own created comic Criminal. Writer of the year? You bet he is!

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