Artist and comic book of the year

This is a tough category to pin down. There are so many great artists working today including Gabriel Ba, Steve McNiven, Ivan Reis, I could go on and on. However, my nod of artist of the year goes to Leinil Yu whose artwork on Marvel’s New Avengers continues to impress me month after month.
One has to get used to Yu’s style which is best expressed through crowded fight scenes, though he usually does a great job of rendering our favorite heroes as well as depicting a quiet at home scene between Luke Cage and family. Yu is a multifaceted talent whose line work seems at first overcrowded with detail but at closer inspection shows a craftsman developing his unique style. I enjoy his work very much, from a shot of the New Avengers fighting a thousand Ninjas to more subdued every day shots. Yu’s work is both distinctive and great.
Comic book of the year.
OK this is the big one! There were so many good books out there this year that made this a tough choice, from Sinestro Corps to New Avengers. These are the titles which kept me coming back for more, but the comic book of the year has to be Captain America.
Hands down, this was the best comic book of the year and managed to do so by engrossing the readers with the after math of the asassination of the titular character. We gasped in horror at every development, went through the trials and tribulations along with the Winter Solider and the Falcon and relished in the way a great villain was brought back: The infamous Red Skull. This comic had it all, terrific artwork by Steve Epting and dramatic plot twists by Brubaker. Nothing came close to being as good for me in 2007. There you have it, the book of the year!

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