Updates: John Walsh is coming to West Covina

Here are the updates. It’s been a hectic beginning to the year for me, as I am sure it has been for many of you as well. Wendy is going on a mini vacation for a friend’s wedding but I decided not to go because I need to save money to fix my car or maybe buy another set of wheels.

The comic book website I contribute to is changing its look and name and now it will be called Comics Bulletin. I took a look at an advanced version of the redesign and it looks pretty snappy.

john-walsh-300-dpi.jpgI’ve been getting swamped with review books on .pdf format so I am happy and hope to get to most of them this weekend. I will write up some mini reviews for this blog. I’ve been quite busy with my job at school and Saturday John Walsh is doing some event in West Covina and I have to cover the event and also take pictures for the Walnut paper. I am glad I got this assignment as I haven’t had the chance to shoot anything in quite some time.

20880_282wh.gifAlso, the NFL playoffs continue this weekend. San Diego has a tough task, two games away from the Super Bowl but having to go into Indianapolis to tangle with the Colts is no easy task, especially without Antonio Gates who got injured last week. I am hoping our defense will rise to the occasion and can harass Payton Manning long enough for us to win. Go Chargers! Beat Indy!!

One Response to Updates: John Walsh is coming to West Covina

  1. Spleengrrl says:

    I can’t afford the trip to Florida either but lucky for me the bride is sweet & generous enough to pay for my flight and accommodations. Too bad you can’t go though- obviously she’d love for all of us to go since we’ve all been through that whole war thing together….

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