A day at the track

The long holiday weekend was a good one thank you very much. My brother and my nephews came over and we went to Santa Anita to check out the horse races.


I had never been, even though I had been to Hollywood Park, but I worked at a roofing company 10 years ago in Arcadia and never bothered to check out the park,

so I was glad I did and my two nephews loved it. Here are some pics of our day at the race track! We had a blast even though we didn’t win much money.

Me, little Joe and little Anthony



3 Responses to A day at the track

  1. tweak68k! says:

    Santa Anita racetrack is fun. I went there for a microbrew festival they had during fall of last year. It was crazy! People were fighting and the Acadia P.D. and a helicopter had to come to break up festival. The track gave out these commemorative mugs that day, and people were breaking them over each others heads! The next festival is this weekend. This time they are giving out something a little less dangerous–towels. lol

  2. yea I read about that, bands are going to play, maybe I will stop by again?

  3. RV3 says:

    Gosh your nephews are so handsome…

    (great photos…)

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