Been busy shooting again

February 28, 2008

I have been busy taking photos for the Citrus newspaper as I await summer quarter classes at Cal Poly. I love contributing for Citrus because, unlike Mt. SAC where there are tons of photographers, there aren’t that many at Citrus so I really get to practice shooting. These are from a rehearsal of their production of “Phantom” the other night.

I found out that shooting plays is hard because you can’t use a flash and you really need to make the best of the available light. It helps to know how to program your digital camera so that it adapts to the environment. It’s also hard because you have to move around a lot without completely blocking people’s view. I hope some of my pics get used on this week’s edition.


The Weekly Watcher

February 23, 2008

Can somebody please inform that their Weekly Watcher is a week late?What?? you mean to tell me that the the new Iron Man comic is hitting the stores at the same time the movie is coming out? What are the chances!

You’d think if they were going to have a regular feature called Weekly Watcher that it would include this guy in there somewhere:


Wizard World LA 2008

February 19, 2008

I’m really starting to get excited for Wizard World LA. I was trying to find a video from you guys from last year’s show, just to give you a glimpse of what it’s like if you’ve never been, but most were pretty lame, so I just grabbed this one by metal sanaz from the 2006 show. I remember interviewing David Faustino, though it was kind of lame, he has nothing to do with comics but he was peddling some “Married with Children” stuff. I also vividly remember talking to Lou Ferrigno for a while, but that was no big whoop since he’s almost always there at these things. Even though this one deals more with music, it kind of gives you a glimpse of what goes on (not really at the panels but at the signing booths) and the music made me laugh. Let me just preface it by saying I like KISS but the KISS comics are kind of lame.

Lost Friday recap

February 15, 2008

abc_lost_070521_ms.jpgIt’s amazing. Right now the TV is littered with inane reality TV shows, contests or stupid game shows. It’s a breath of fresh air to have 8 new episodes of Lost, network TV’s best drama. I know you can pay for cable and HBO and get a series of made for TV dramas, but Lost is the best drama you can watch for free. I’m also happy to see how many connections to the comics the series has.

Jeph Loeb, long time comic book writer has been involved with many projects including Lost, Smallville and most notably Heroes, but now the Lost writing and production team has gained an immense amount of writers from the comic book pages including Brian K. Vaughan, whose penchant for crafting anachronistic fantasies where flashbacks and time shifts has always been commonplace, has been translated to the small screen as the current season incorporates flash forwards showing us the fate of the oceanic 6, or the six survivors which have made it off the island. We found out early on that Jack and Kate both made it off and had regrets about it, but recently we found out that both Hurley and Sayid also made it off.

Last week’s episode was written by Drew Goddard who is remembered by sci fi tv fans for writing Conversations With Dead People, the excellent seventh episode of Buffy’s final season. Goddard has also written some of the season 8 Buffy comics and also penned the blockbuster film Cloverfield produced by JJ Abrams whose company also produces Lost.

I’m not going to give away many of the surprises in case you want to see it for yourselves, but basically the survivors are being hunted down and apparently they’ve received a settlement for leaving the island and keeping secrets about the Dharma Initiative. The current story arc has them divided into two camps: Those who went with Jack and those who stayed with Locke who is distrustful of the rescue team and whose motives for staying on the island have never been fully disclosed.
Watch Lost, or listen to the lost podcast for recaps. It’s the beginning of the final 45 episodes of the series.

My new NHL team

February 12, 2008

sb2nhl.jpgI am a sports fan as most of you know, my favorite NFL team is the San Diego Chargers, my favorite baseball teams are the Mets in the National League and the Cleveland Indians in the American League. My favorite NBA team are the Boston Celtics (and not just because this year they boast of the best record in the league but because I hate the Lakers.)

However, there is one sport for which I don’t have a team and would like to get into. It is the NHL. I was watching an NHL playoff game a few seasons back and it was really exciting. Unfortunatelly there was a strike season the next year which dampened my excitement over hockey. I know it has a rich history and I would like to support a team. Rokk’s comic book Revolution blog recently held a contest which left it up to the readers of the blog to choose his favorite new NFL team because he was dissatisfied with the ownership of his last team.
I think this is a good idea and I am asking you readers to pick my favorite NHL team. I don’t pretend to have as much readership as Rokk’s blog, but if you want to help me out, leave me a comment on this blog or email me at and tell me which team I should root for and why. The winner will be announced in a future post. There is one team that I must warn you I will never ever ever root for and that is the Anaheim Ducks, but everybody else is fair game.

So vote! Thanks!

Robert Downey Jr. is Iron Man

February 9, 2008

I can’t wait to see this movie!

On the eve of Super Bowl

February 2, 2008

I can’t remember when I have been the least excited over the Super Bowl. Though New England will be playing against the Giants to close out the NFL season in tomorrow’s big game, I lost interest when my team (San Diego) depleted by key injuries lost the championship game. I am torn, on the one hand I want New England to lose because I have been waiting for them to lose all season. I think the Giants have a good team, but I am not sure that Eli Manning has enough experience to lead them to a victory, they got lucky against the Packers a week ago in a closely fought game.

alg_giants_burress-toomer.jpg It’s a tradition for me and a small group of HS friends to get together and watch the game so that is what I will be doing tomorrow. I’m tired of reading and hearing about the Patriots being the best team ever. I am here to tell you THEY ARE NOT, that title still goes to the 1972 Dolphins in my mind which accomplished the only unbeaten season in Super Bowl history thus far. Also, the 1984 Niners who lost only to the Pittsburgh Steelers during the regular season and won the super bowl after going 15-1, had a stronger defense and a better all around team. Unlike the Pats, SF faced tough divisional opponents that season. On strength of schedule along the Pats got 5 easy wins against weak teams like the Jets which they beat twice, The Dolphis twice (which only won one game all season) and an injured inexperienced Bills team which almost beat them in a shootout.

I don’t relish the thought of having a prima donna like Eli Manning becoming a Super Bowl champion, I’ve hated him ever since he refused to play for the Chargers when he came out of the draft. However, I think I want the Pats to lose more than I want Eli to suffer. So I say go G-Men, get it done, ruin perfection!