On the eve of Super Bowl

I can’t remember when I have been the least excited over the Super Bowl. Though New England will be playing against the Giants to close out the NFL season in tomorrow’s big game, I lost interest when my team (San Diego) depleted by key injuries lost the championship game. I am torn, on the one hand I want New England to lose because I have been waiting for them to lose all season. I think the Giants have a good team, but I am not sure that Eli Manning has enough experience to lead them to a victory, they got lucky against the Packers a week ago in a closely fought game.

alg_giants_burress-toomer.jpg It’s a tradition for me and a small group of HS friends to get together and watch the game so that is what I will be doing tomorrow. I’m tired of reading and hearing about the Patriots being the best team ever. I am here to tell you THEY ARE NOT, that title still goes to the 1972 Dolphins in my mind which accomplished the only unbeaten season in Super Bowl history thus far. Also, the 1984 Niners who lost only to the Pittsburgh Steelers during the regular season and won the super bowl after going 15-1, had a stronger defense and a better all around team. Unlike the Pats, SF faced tough divisional opponents that season. On strength of schedule along the Pats got 5 easy wins against weak teams like the Jets which they beat twice, The Dolphis twice (which only won one game all season) and an injured inexperienced Bills team which almost beat them in a shootout.

I don’t relish the thought of having a prima donna like Eli Manning becoming a Super Bowl champion, I’ve hated him ever since he refused to play for the Chargers when he came out of the draft. However, I think I want the Pats to lose more than I want Eli to suffer. So I say go G-Men, get it done, ruin perfection!

One Response to On the eve of Super Bowl

  1. RV3 says:

    I am pretty certain that I would have not been able to sit thorugh that long game. So instead I read, went shopping for the week’s groceries and cooked at home.

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