Lost Friday recap

abc_lost_070521_ms.jpgIt’s amazing. Right now the TV is littered with inane reality TV shows, contests or stupid game shows. It’s a breath of fresh air to have 8 new episodes of Lost, network TV’s best drama. I know you can pay for cable and HBO and get a series of made for TV dramas, but Lost is the best drama you can watch for free. I’m also happy to see how many connections to the comics the series has.

Jeph Loeb, long time comic book writer has been involved with many projects including Lost, Smallville and most notably Heroes, but now the Lost writing and production team has gained an immense amount of writers from the comic book pages including Brian K. Vaughan, whose penchant for crafting anachronistic fantasies where flashbacks and time shifts has always been commonplace, has been translated to the small screen as the current season incorporates flash forwards showing us the fate of the oceanic 6, or the six survivors which have made it off the island. We found out early on that Jack and Kate both made it off and had regrets about it, but recently we found out that both Hurley and Sayid also made it off.

Last week’s episode was written by Drew Goddard who is remembered by sci fi tv fans for writing Conversations With Dead People, the excellent seventh episode of Buffy’s final season. Goddard has also written some of the season 8 Buffy comics and also penned the blockbuster film Cloverfield produced by JJ Abrams whose company also produces Lost.

I’m not going to give away many of the surprises in case you want to see it for yourselves, but basically the survivors are being hunted down and apparently they’ve received a settlement for leaving the island and keeping secrets about the Dharma Initiative. The current story arc has them divided into two camps: Those who went with Jack and those who stayed with Locke who is distrustful of the rescue team and whose motives for staying on the island have never been fully disclosed.
Watch Lost, or listen to the lost podcast for recaps. It’s the beginning of the final 45 episodes of the series.

3 Responses to Lost Friday recap

  1. The Editor says:

    Unfortunately that episode didn’t answer any of the questions posed in the previous episode, that does seam the theme of Lost questions without answers.

  2. Lucy says:

    The whole show was about how they’ve been wanting to be rescued then they regret it is a great twist but isn’t that what happened in Gilligan’s Island too?

  3. tyroshutterbug says:

    well i dont know about Gilligan, but here, I guess only 6 made it out, the Oceanic Six

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