Wizard World LA 2008

I’m really starting to get excited for Wizard World LA. I was trying to find a video from you guys from last year’s show, just to give you a glimpse of what it’s like if you’ve never been, but most were pretty lame, so I just grabbed this one by metal sanaz from the 2006 show. I remember interviewing David Faustino, though it was kind of lame, he has nothing to do with comics but he was peddling some “Married with Children” stuff. I also vividly remember talking to Lou Ferrigno for a while, but that was no big whoop since he’s almost always there at these things. Even though this one deals more with music, it kind of gives you a glimpse of what goes on (not really at the panels but at the signing booths) and the music made me laugh. Let me just preface it by saying I like KISS but the KISS comics are kind of lame.

One Response to Wizard World LA 2008

  1. Spleengrrl says:

    That dude I think was in “Confessions of a Superhero”, a documentary about people who dress up as heroes on Hollywood Boulevard. I thought he was a terrible Superman, as he is scrawny and not at all regal.

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