Longest checkmate


I had been looking for a local chess club for so long, I am happy that I finally found one in Glendora! They meet twice a week and are looking to put a team together. However, they also play against each other in a casual atmosphere. My game is pretty rusty so I have to brush up on techniques, but at least I didn’t embarass myself when I played. The first game last week I lost on time, but it was a close game. I won the latest game. We are annotating our games so here is the first part of the game, for those of you who are into that sort of thing and can read chess notation:

Carmona (white)                   Opponent (black)

1.e4          c5

2.Ng3       Nc6

3.g3          Nf6

4.Bg2        Nxe4

5.d3           Nf6

6.Nc3        g6

7.Bg5         Ng4

8. Qe2       e6??  He acknowledged right away this was a terrible move but I almost didn’t see it!

9.Bxd8     Ke8xd8

10.0-0-0  Bh6+

11. Kb1     b6

12.R-e1    Ba6

13.h3        Nf6

14.Ne4     Bg7

15. Nxf6   Bxf6

16. a3       e5

17. Nh4    Nd4

18. c3??  Did I forget to protect the queen? Or was this move anticipating my ending with more material in the middle and end games? the Reply: Nxe2

19. Bxa8  Bxd3+

20. Rxd3   Re8 

white has at least the compensation of a Rook for his lost queen, but since both queens are of the board he can go on to build a crushing material advantage, especially if he gets a passed pawn (which luckily I did)

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