Covering WW2008 and Miss DB

wwla08.jpg Well, I made it over to LA over the weekend for the Wizard World convention. It was an odd mix of crowds as I could see people in costumes walking up to the convention along with USC and UCLA fans, because I guess there was some sort of 4 day basketball tournament going on next door at the Staple Center.

marioluigi.jpg This was definately a good mix of panels this year and even though I didn’t meet that robot chick from the Terminator show or Alyssa  Milano, I did take in the Secret Invasion, Spiderman Brand New Day, X-Men and DC Nation panels.

My favorites had to be the DC Nation panel because Dan Didio is always a blast to see. I asked him about the status of Manhunter and he told me that the comic was coming back and Andreyko was still going to write it! I can’t tell you how happy it made me to hear that. didio.jpg

Below’s a picture I had taken of me and Seth Green.


On Sunday, my latest assigment was of the Miss Diamond Bar beauty pageant. I have covered this contest for the past three years and I secretely was hoping that a young lady named Ashley Rush would win. This is because for all those years, she always came close or ended as runner up so it was nice to see her take the crown finally. Also, she was the only contestant attending Mt.SAC so I have to give my alma matter some props!


2 Responses to Covering WW2008 and Miss DB

  1. RV3 says:

    Seth Green is so (not) cute!!!
    And does Miss Diamond Bar go on to compete in the Miss California pageant????

  2. I think she does, plus she gets like a $500 scholarship and other prizes

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