Trek 2.0

At first I thought the writer’s strike had much to do with the delays of the new, highly anticipated Star Trek movie, originally set for a December release. If you look at this early promotional poster for the film closely, you can clearly make out its original Dec.08 date. However, there’s a lot of 406px-star_trek_poster2.jpginfo on the 11th theatrical Trek movie on the net which confirms the movie was actually pushed back to summer of 2009 by Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot production company (headed by J.J. Abrams who also puts together “Lost” for tv) in order to take advantage of maximum box office potential. After all, Star Trek is up there with Transformers, Batman and other properties with bona fide summer blockbuster potential.

Like I said, there is a lot of info on the web on the new Trek film, so I won’t recap all, but Memory Alpha, the official Trek wiki has a lot of interesting info on casting and behind the scenes info for the discerning Trekker. Since this movie takes place in the past, when the original characters were going to Starfleet Academy, a young James Kirk, Spock and Dr. McCoy have all been recast. It is no secret that Heroes star Zachary Quinto is set to play Spock, seen here during Comic Con with Leonard Nimoy, but it was interesting to find out an earlier draft of the film which would have followed on the events of Nemesis was scrapped, as was a project which would have featured a progenitor of Kirk named Tiberious Chase during the Earth-Romulan wars as its main character.

spockandquinto.jpgI love Star Trek, I am so glad that Paramount is deciding to breathe new life into this venerable but wonderful sci fi movie franchise and I love the idea of casting young actors to play the iconic members of the Enterprise crew when they were young officers. I read that actor Chirs Pine who is set to play the younger James Kirk was considering taking this role because he was also tapped to play another role. OK I’m sorry but isn’t it a no brainer for any young actor to want to jump at the chance of playing Captain Kirk? I mean, come on! That’s one of the most iconic characters in TV history! You would have to be brain dead to say not to that I think.

The latest Wizard has hazy, sketchy details of the plot since nothing has been officially confirmed, the story may involve a time travel plan by the Klingons to assasinate the young Kirk before he becomes captain of the Enterprise and a constant challenge to their plans of conquest. Didn’t they learn anything when the Borg tried something similar in the best trek movie to date since Wrath of Khan? (that would be 1998’s First Contact)

Can’t believe we have to wait a year to see the finished product but I have no doubt this movie is going to be awesome!

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