Happy birthday Bill!

Sorry I haven’t been blogging of late, it’s been a tumultous few days, I had to shop for a new car because my van was dying and I have also been swamped with work at school since they installed some new scheduling software and covering local events for the weekly as usual.

Msn.com informs me that today is the anniversary of Shakespeare’s birthday. To say that he had a profound influence on my early life would be an understatement. Because of his command for the English language I almost became an English major before switching to communications with an emphasis on journalism.

I wrote many sonnets in the Shakesperean style when I was younger and some in the more traditional Italian style, that’s not to say that my words would ever equal the Bards. How well do you know the bard? Take this quiz! I scored 5/10 which isn’t great. Well, this is it for now, more later when I get more time and stuff settles down. 

3 Responses to Happy birthday Bill!

  1. RV3 says:

    So Shakespeare was a Taurus…
    Happy birthday, Bill!!!

  2. tweak68k! says:

    I can beat that. I got 4/10.

  3. hostile17 says:

    how did you do on the quiz???

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