The invasion continues

OK. Been away for far too long. This time around I take a look at Marvel’s Secret Invasion #2. Here we go!

Despite the incredibly cool cover by Yu, Morales and Martin, this issue is incredibly thin content wise for a $4 comic. Sure, the interiors feature nice artwork by Yu and it’s got a glossier cover than your average copy of New Avengers, but other than that, there are no special features, sketches or extras that would warrant the increased cover price.

All in all, this is a confusing issue with little advancement of the plot. The Avengers are still in the Savage Land where they are squaring off against what they perceive to be Skrull impostors. Some surprises are revealved here but the annoying return of Bendi’s less than inspiring dialogue does nothing to clarify the proceedings and most of the comic is one prolonged battle sequence which is less succesful than Bendis’ handling of the Skrull throneworld as depicted in New Avengers #40.

Perhaps the best thing about this issue is the sequence in which a ship lands in Manhattan and the Young Avengers are there to witness the event. A cool cliffhanger closes the issue in grand style, but the overuse of double page spreads does little to relieve a sense that this issue was mostly filler with bigger reveals to be expected in later chapters of the series and in the various Marvel titles coming out on a monthly basis. Really what else is to be expected of a big summer crossover?

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