Buffy S8: Wolves at the Gate part 3


Giant Dawny Summers OK so this issue came out 2 weeks ago, I’ve had it all along and read it, but didn’t review it since so much has happened of late. No matter, here’s a review of “Wolves at the Gate” Part 3.


Bravo! Drew Goddard manages to maintain the momentum from last issue (I know I called it the weakest in the series thus far, but there was still some good stuff there) and delivers a completely satisfying read. Some elements which make this issue of Buffy Season 8 great:


  1. The opening image. Wow, now that’s the way to follow up on a cliffhanger, also it leads to a poignant quintessential Buffy moment. Buffy as the general, the head of the Slayer army, the one who (as she tells Satsu later in the comic) ends up making all the tough calls. Buffy at her best, as leader.
  2. Dracula’s appearance. OK, so it still makes no sense he’s an ally of the vampire slayers but at least he’s less annoying this issue and more in character in line with his only season 5 appearance.
  3. The Scooby gang cornering vampires again. Yes, they are uber vamps with a magical property and ability to transform into air. The solution is both satisfying and makes an awesome statement: “This is war.” Indeed.
  4.  Buffy’s fascinating exchanges with Satsu about their relationship. Buffy’s starting to care about someone else again and in the immortal words of George Costanza, “That’s no good!”
  5. Xander’s hilarious attempt at a first date with his new love interest and Drac’s hilarious reaction to their first kiss. Classic Buffy humor.

But the absolute greatest thing about this issue?? It’s a full page spread, it’s the best use of a full page I have seen in comics in quite some time. Marvel overuses them. Here, Dark Horse shows how it should be done: Sparingly, for emphasis, for a fantastic unexpected moment. A moment which had me chuckling for several seconds and which made the comic worth buying (as if you actually needed a reason beyond the fact it’s Dark Horse’s best book outside of Umbrella Academy and Hellboy).


 This comic kicks butt from start to finish and perfectly translates Buffy’s episodic legacy into the colorful pages of the comic book medium. This comic hardly ever fails leaving me drooling for more. 

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