Pick of the Week: Scream Queen #1

Boom Studios has had some hit or miss titles in the past and some good titles like the Savage Brothers. While certainly not as successful as say Darkhorse, they do have some quality properties like Warhammer and they often offer some fun reads and some good alternatives to Marvel’s current skrull invasion and to DC’s multitude of crisis and doom and gloom story arcs like Morrison’s current killing off of Batman.

While the artwork in this comic isn’t as polished as some of the other books published by the big two, this comic does have a fun story and a sense of whimsy which makes it a good light read and perfect end of the week fodder for the brain.

The solicitations for this one say that “Everyone wants to be loved, even the shambling, macabre mockery of a man who brings terror to the town of Rumson and leaves blood in his wake. But when he sets his sights on Molly, beauty queen of Rumson High, she’s going to be more than he can handle! THE DAILY SHOW and FRANK TV’s Brendan Hay brings a AMERICAN PIE-meets-FRIDAY THE 13th sensibility to his horror series debut!”

I would have to say that even though this story follows the conventions of well known teen horror movies, it also does a good job of lampooning some of them while at the same time making the protagonist a real person.

Too bad that its cliches are a bit too well trodden to have the full emotional impact it’s narrators are searching for. However, it’s still a good title reminiscent of what some of the more fun modern horror comics can do and one doesn’t have to wait long to see the carnage. It reminded me of a very good Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode with a similar theme.

Yet, the carnage is kept to a minimum within the confines of a good introductory tale so we have to wait for issue two to see in what direction artist Nate Watson and Hay take take this weird tale. At least we’re off to a fun start.


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