NBA Finals update: Lakers down 0-2 face nearly impossible task

Delusional Lakers fans still laboring under the false premise that their team is destined to win another NBA championship this year were encouraged by their team’s late 4th quarter heroics in game 2, and by the fact that they are heading back home for 3 games, into thinking they still have a shot in this series.


Perhaps they need to be infused with a shot of reality. It wasn’t a furious Lakers rally that almost brought them back last night, it was sloppy, lackadaisical defensive play in the final quarter from a team that was playing to close out the game and which manhandled them through the first 3 quarters of play.


“Oh but we were so close,” some of them were heard saying yesterday. But you know what close gets you, not even a cigar, and certainly not a championship.


These are the same fans who prior to the start of the series would have you believe that their bench was better than Boston’s and that it would be the factor in dominating the series. Apparently they were too busy watching their Lakers pound on inferior teams like the Utah Jazz to watch the C’s bench make key contributions in the Eastern Conference playoff games.


They are paying attention now. Leon Powe came off the Boston bench and in 15 minutes posted a flurry of offensive fireworks including a couple of thunderous dunks. Who the hell is Leon Powe? Exactly! The Lakers are being beaten not only by the big 3 but by the likes of guys like Rajon, Powe, Perkins and PJ Bryant.


So now L.A. finds itself in an 0-2 hole, not very encouraging given the fact that only 3 teams in the history of the NBA have come back from such a deficit to win the Finals. Considering none have fallen 0-3 and have come back to win, you realize that a win in game 3 is imperative for the Western conference champs to stay alive.


Just like the same fans who were talking trash and saying Boston didn’t have a bench, much less a chance against the Lakers’ powerful offense could not convince me of their claims, I also refuse to believe that the Lakers can put together 3 wins at home when they haven’t even managed one in four tries (two in the regular season and two in the finals.)


Oh they came so close last night. But close only gets you thinking about next year.


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