Quick hits for this week

I don’t have time to write full reviews since I am getting ready to go with Wendy to a media Arts banquet at Citrus College, but I can give some synopses of some of the best books I’ve read so far this week and last.

 X-Force Special

This isn’t the first time Marvel has used this monicker for an x-team but this latest incarnation is surely the bloodiest. In the wake of M-Day and Messiah Complex, Cyclops has put together a special ops team of the X-Men which is willing to get their hands dirty with missions the X-Men were too idealistic to tackle. This is a new era and Professor X’s dream of mutants coexisting with humans may be too unrealistic. Sometimes what  you need is a team of hardened operatives to do what the X-Men were too nice to do in the past. At least that’s the premise of this new book and this one shot highlights Wolverine, who’s never been one to shy away from killing in the name of what must be done. With a solid script by Charlie Huston and top notch artwork by relatively unkonw Jefte Palo, (can’t go wrong with Logan fighting gangs of killers ala Claremont and Miller) this is a must book for any hardcore X-men fan.

Angel Revelations #1

I think this is going to be a limited series rather than an ongoing but this is another comic based on the X-Men mythos which is truly excellent. This one focuses on the character of Warren Worthington III (Archangel) and his early life with a different interpretation on one of the original X-Men. Roberto Aguirre Sacasa delivers an intriguing plot which is augmented by the spectacular and uniquely stilized artwork of Adam Pollina. The artwork alone would make it worth the money but throw in this interesting and unique take on a familiar character and Marvel scores another winner with one of its most recognizable and venerable franchises.

Batman #677

Well, we have to give DC some love as well and this maybe their best comic on the stands. Grant Morrison continues to hit the ball out of the park with his take on the company’s second most iconic character.

Though I am now convinced that the R.I.P. storyline will not end with the Bat’s death, I do think that it will still be something shocking and will alter the status quo, at least for the time being and just in time for the movie. However, more than a marketing campaign, Morrison’s run on the title has been nothing short of spectacular and he delivers more suspense, intrigue and conflict to Gotham city in 22 pages everymonth than any Batman writer has done in years. It’s a must read for any comic book aficionado!




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