Packers: Let Favre go!!

I’m getting excited because here we are, on July 14 and the NFL pre-season is a mere month away. The big story this pre season has been Brett Favre’s un retirement. Normally this wouldn’t be such a big deal as Favre has made it a habit the past few seasons of retiring at the end of the season and then changing his mind when he decides he misses the game too much to stay away.

If you have been following this year’s melodrama, Favre is coming off a spectacular season in which he led the Pack to a 13-3 record and to the brink of another Super Bowl berth. I am not a Brett Favre fan, mind you, but you can’t deminish his stats, his accomplishments and the fact he’s a future hall of famer.

Well, now management in Green Bay doesn’t want Brett to come back because he’s old and they are grooming Aaron Rodgers to be his replacement. That makes sense, especailly since they could not wait around for Favre to make up his mind during the off season. However, the Packers are being incredibly selfish and incredibly unrealistic by refusing Favre’s request to release him out of his contract. They certainly could use the money in the salary cap, but management is afraid that Favre could go to a rival team and it would be devastating for them to see Favre take the Bears or the Vikings into the playoffs because they are in the same division.

I say give me a break. On the one hand the Pack say they have moved on and that Brett should do the same, but we’re not talkign about some two bit quarterback, this is Brett Favre we’re talking about, one of the best to play the game, it is unrealistic for them to expect him to come back to the Pack and play backup to Aaron Rodgers. If they really care about the organization and the game they should grant Favre his wish and release him and let him go play wherever he wants. My only caveat is that the stay in the NFC, as a Chargers fan, the last thing I want to see is Favre going to Kansas City or to an AFC West team and having to face him twice a year during the regular season.

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