Reflections on SDCC 2008

Happy Friday! So Wendy went out of town this weekend for a convention with her church group. As for me, it’s funny what a difference a year makes. This time last year I was a boarder at some lady’s house in San Diego while attending the Comic con.  While I enjoyed the trip, meeting some new people and going to some of the more interesting panels, I decided a while back I wasn’t going to attend this year’s con because Hollywood has ruined it for me.

OK I was actually going to write a column about this topic for the comicsbulletin website, but I realized it might just be a lot of rambling and might come accross as sour grapes. However, when I turn on the TV and see KTLA entertainment reporter Sam Rubin interviewing studio heads about the con and talking about Twilight and how it’s a perfect place to creat buzz for such projects, I know I made the right decision. Not even a press pass guarantees admittance into some of SDCC’s panels and I just don’t have the energy or willingness to spend time in long lines when I can go to a local con and walk right into a panel with the likes of Marc Silvestri and Jim Lee or practically sit next to Marv Wolfman and hear him expand on the mysteries of character creation. Also, podcasts and bloggers have the con covered like a blanket, so I get to keep up with major announcements from the comforst of my very own PC.

I mean really, what do Lost, Dexter and Twilight have to do with comic books? Absolutely zilch unless you consider the fact a lot of comic book writers also write scripts for Lost and there’s a lot of crossover in the mediums. Yet, again and again I have heard fans complain that some comics don’t translate into film very well and into other mediums and I have to agree. Some people are even balking at the upcoming Watchmen movie because Alan Moore’s work doesn’t necessarily lend itself to an adaptation. I can see their point of view. I can also see the studio’s logic in seeing the comic con as a huge marketing ploy.

When all is said and done, I go to comic book conventions expecting to interact with fans and creators of comic books and comic book characters. I enjoy watching Dan Didio, President of DC Comics ramble on like a loony about which members of the Legion of Superheroes should be killed off or resurrected. There is a lot of that in San Diego of course, but Hollywood crashing the party and exploiting what many consider a hub of “geek culture” hasn’t been all good and I am sure there are a number of fans who feel the same way as I do.

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  1. RV3 says:

    That’s right!!!!!

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