G4: Has Hollywood ruined comic con??

I agree with this guy. The girl has no idea what she’s talking about, it’s funny to see this video was shot last year but how much more true it is today. Sad really.

2 Responses to G4: Has Hollywood ruined comic con??

  1. Lucy says:

    Well, G4 is the Hollywoodization of all things geek. Instead of actually having interesting in depth shows that real fans would like, they have just snippets. Look at the hosts, they are more like Ryan Seacrest types than true geeks of anything. I know there are knowledgeable girl geeks but I think to be on TV, they still prefer looks over smarts.

  2. hostile17 says:

    There’s actually a few good shows on G4. Xplay is pretty good, it really does a good job of covering the video game world from a player’s perspective. There’s a lot of crap, granted, but the girl on XPlay actually sounds like she plays some of the games she talks about. My beef is mainly on the comic con’s shift of focus from a gathering place for comic book professionals to a testing ground for Hollywood to test out its films and cable shows. They should just rename it to Moviecon and that would be more appropriate. There’s a pretty good discussion of this topic here:

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