Getting my “geek” on with LOTRO

Well, in my ongoing quest to find a fun MMORPG to play (that’s massively multiplayer Online Role playing game for you newbs out there) I decided to give Turbine’s LOTRO a try. Turbine has a 14-day trial you can download and try out. But be forewarned, it is a LONG download and install.

I had heard many good things about the game although some people claim it is nothing more than a WOW clone. Maybe it was the fact that I stopped by the Game Empire store in pasadena in search of a good business feature for the newspaper, but I felt like playing a good game. I found out they have a D&D 4th edition group that meets once a month. I have never played D&D 4th edition, but if that’s not your cup of tea, then there’s Warhammer and plenty of other games to keep you busy.

I think Turbine has done a good job with LOTRO, even though I haven’t been a fan of the franchise and never read the Hobbit, they purchased the rights to the property and have crafted a good looking game to take advantage of the popularity of the films. Even though I haven’t had the chance to play it much, (thus far I have a level 2 troll running around Middle Earth) the character creation stage was fun, incorporating much from DDO and even providing a mini movie describing each race’s attributes or backstory.

Thus far, LOTRO has been as much fun or more than DDO so I will have to report back when I’m a bit deeper into my trial to evaluate if it is worth a subscription rate. Stay tuned.

2 Responses to Getting my “geek” on with LOTRO

  1. Spleengrrl says:

    You should really read the books because the impressive thing about Tolkien was how he created this whole world with its own languages and everything (that’s why there are some LOTR nerds out there who speak Elvish). If you read the books, you might know the “terrain” of the game a little better.

  2. tyroshutterbug says:

    I probably will when I have more time, as it is I barely have free time in the evenings to go online and play the game.

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