Autumn ritual

LaDanian Tomlinson, the most prolific back in football breaks the single season touchdown record in 2006

I cannot begin to describe how much I hate pre-season football. It’s such a tease, the games are meaningless and the chances for players getting injured are enormous. Not much has been going on with me this week but tomorrow I have a meeting to return to the SGV Tribune as a prep football correspondent. Most likely I am going to be covering at least one high school game over the holiday weekend during week zero. Goodbye Olympics, hello football.

Today I got my copy of SI with the NFL preview and LaDanaian Tomlinson on the cover. I love football and I love the fall season, the smell of autumn is in the air. The weather changes from the umbearable heat to cooler and pleasant days and halloween is guaranteed fun, not to mention thanksgiving and xmas. It almost drives me crazy to think how I wish it was already here and how it’s only a few weeks away.

My San Diego Chargers are coming off a season in which only injuries prevented them from making an appearance in the Super Bowl and expectations are  high once again for this team to contend. They might be even higher if Shawn Merriman, our all pro linebacker hadn’t torn two ligaments on his knees. Merriman says that he will play through the pain until he has to have surgery on the knees. I am not sure that is quite wise but even without him, our defense is a solid unit and the team is very deep. The talent is there, but can SD take the next step in the playoffs and contend for a super bowl title? Only time will tell

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