WAR is coming!!

Happy Labor day everyone. I cannot say how much I have enjoyed the time off this long holiday weekend. Even though I didn’t go anywhere special, it was fun resting and relaxing since saturday. I have had a chance to have dinner with a friend, catch up on my comics and play some wow but with the upcoming release of the Warhammer Online beta next week, it seems as though more people are going to be on their servers tyring out WAR. I am really interested in seeing if WAR will overtake WOW as the top subscription based MMORPG especially since there has been little fanfare or advertising outside of gaming circles about the game.

I was checking out some video footage of the game on Youtube and it looks really cool. Here’s a good walkthrough of the Marauder class I found recently:

I am not sure if it is too late to pre-order the game which you could do for about $10 and then play throughout the duration of the beta. However, with a hefty $49 price tag, and seeing as I will be busy covering football, working and doing other things, the soonest I forsee myself playing it will be xmas break. By then it is highly possible that I will have scored a Best Buy gift card and can buy the game for next to nothing. Until then, there’s always Wow, Diablo II and other diversions! If you are lucky enough to try out the WAR beta, let me know how you like it!

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