Casting Superman

With the rising popularity of movies based on iconic comic book characters these days, I decided to do some research on the casting of the next possible Superman movie and have come to this conclusion: Everything’s up in the air and results are inconclusive.

It would seem like a no-brainer for DC and Warner Brothers to want to place their most iconic character on the big screen again, especially given Batman’s recent success in the record breaking The Dark Knight, and given Marvel’s success with virtually every film franchise they launch, but making a sequel to 2006’s mostly disappointing (in terms of box office receipts) Superman Returns seems as perioulous as wading through a kryptonite landscape.

It can’t be that hard can it? I have read all kinds of rumors online, everything from Bryan Singer being replaced as director of any future Superman sequels to Brendan Fraser being considered for the role.

I cannot speculate on wheter Brandon Routh who played Superman in the last film is out of the picture. A heavy contingency of the public support seems in favor of Tom Welling, the actor who has portrayed Clark Kent on Smallville for eight seasons. It would seem like a logical transition from the small screen to film.

The jury is still out. Rumors are that the studio is intent on a JLA film and the actor who portrays Supes in the JLA film (if it ever gets made) would also play the role in any Superman movies. There seems to be discussion about what the plot of a new Superman movie would be. Are you kidding me? Supes has some of the most interesting villains and adversary in comics next to Batman’s rogue gallery, not to mention an interesting back story and supporting cast. Darkseid, Parasite, Braniac, Mongul, General Zod, Doomsday, Bizarro, Metallo, the list goes on and on, you’re going to tell me they have no ideas for a movie?

It seems like there have been a gazillion Batman movies and it seems to me, it should not be this hard to make another movie about the world’s most recognizable superhero.

2 Responses to Casting Superman

  1. RV3 says:

    Thanks for the beefcake photo of Tom Welling.

  2. Well I didnt post it bc it was beekcake, it was more because that’s the iconic marketing image of the first season that most people remember about the show

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