Superman is a methodist?

While doing some reasearch for a review I wrote on the new mini series Venom Dark Origin recently, I discovered this website which takes into account the religious background of comic book characters and villains. While I had read a thesis on this very subject in an old issue of Wizard,  I thought it was fascinating that some one had carefully crafted and taken time to devote an entire site to this subject.

While it is commonly understood that some characters would be associated with religion in some form or another, I thought most heroes would be of Jewish faith, considering a lot of the writers and creators from the golden age were Jewish Americans who could draw upon their own faiths for motivation.

While it is tricky to incorporate religion with fictional material as there is the likelihood of alienation of some readers, I thoght it nevertheless an interesting topic considering how religion plays a big part in a lot of people’s lives.

Here’s a partial list of some of the best known characters (and a few not so well known ones) and their religious associations. For a more extensive list take a look at the above mentioned website.

Superman   Methodist
Spider-Man   Protestant
Batman   Episcopalian/Catholic (lapsed)
Wonder Woman   Greco-Roman Classical Religion
Aquaman   Greco-Roman Classical Religion
The Hulk   Catholic (lapsed)
Captain America   Protestant
Invisible Woman   Episcopalian
Nightcrawler   Catholic
Shadowcat   Jewish
Daredevil   Catholic
Hawkman   Egyptian classical religion
The Thing   Jewish
The Atom   Jewish (lapsed)
Zatanna   Dianic Wiccan
Elektra   Greek Orthodox

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