Penny hooked on MMORPGs

If you were watching that great baseball game in which Boston turned away the Angels in the final inning 3-2 or the MNF game in which Reggie Bush ran back two scores, but the Vikings won 30-27, you may have missed Monday night’s best sit-com. The Big Bang Theory scores again by poking fun at the MMORPG crowd again!

This time, the show saterizes Age of Conan as Penny turns to Sheldon when she becomes addicted to an online game. There’s some amazing dialogue in this episode, but unless you’re a gamer, you may not appreciate the subtle  humor. To wit:

Penny bursts into Sheldon’s room to ask him if she should accept an invitation to raid with a higher level group. She wants to know if it’s the right thing for her character to do

“Are you crazy? They just want you for dragon fodder,” he responds

Penny: “You’d think you could trust a horde of Hungarian Barbarians.”

But it was this exchange that had me laughing out loud:

Penny gets some treasure.

“I’m rich”

Sheldon: “She’s a level three and she thinks she’s rich. What a Noob”

2 Responses to Penny hooked on MMORPGs

  1. Jason Sacks says:

    I got hooked on that show last year on the recommendation of friends… I’ve really come to love it. The bits between Sheldon and Leslie always crack me up.

  2. tyroshutterbug says:

    yes its absolutely great!

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