zombie infestation in Azeroth

Yea, it was fun there for a while, until I died. Could be because I’m just a level 13 casual player (warrior) but I was easily zombified by the plague zombies the other night. When you turn into a zombie, the Horde guards at Ogrimmar and neighboring cities will kick the crap out of you. Your toolbar changes and instead of your usual weapons they change into different abilities.
Got to be a drag after awhile because I kept getting killed and my gear took major damage but since everyone in town was either dead or fighting off the zombie invaders, I was not able to fix it.

At right is a screenshot of how it all went down.
Damned you Lich King! Your undead minions will not deter me from reaching level 20 before the expansion pack is out. There’s a Hallow’s End event tonight on Brill on the Zangarmarsh (U.S.) server to fight the Headless horseman’s flames. I wish I could log on but I have to cover a game. Wow insider has more info.

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