scary halloween fun

I’m going to be leaving for work in about an hour, but I thought I would acknowledge the fact that tomorrow is halloween because I will probably be too busy to post for a few more days. In fact, I have been too busy to do anything of late including reading my comics, with work and freelancing for the newspaper. Tuesday night we went into production and I was laying out the back page. Loved the way my photos turned out and I worked on a special headline on photoshop which took me hours. This was compounded by the server going down for a time, so IT had to fix it and all we could do was wait. I was pretty wiped yesterday as a result.

What are you doing for halloween? People have asked me. My friend is having a party and his band is playing, I was going to try to stop by after the game. However, since halloween falls on friday this year, I will have to cover the Duarte vs. Workman game, and if I get out early enough I might stop by the party for a bit. I say if because I don’t know how late the game will go or how long it will take me to write the game story for the Trib. So yes, most likely I will spend my halloween at a HS football game. Should be intriguing. Trick or treat!

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