Cassie Hack post-halloween bonanza

Sadly, Halloween maybe over but this month we get twice the dosage of Hack/Slash goodness and one of the books is completely free. That’s right, you heard me right, it’s free. First off, we have Hack/Slash #16 from Devil’s Due. For months I have been saying this is the company’s best comic and it continues on its incredible run. Cassie Hack is comicdom’s most bad ass heroine and her two part crossover with Re-Animator Doctor West of cult movie infamy is devilishly good.


Then there’s also Halloween Man by Drew Edwards, David Baldeon and Scott DM Simmons which features a teamup with Halloween man and Cassie Hack. Halloween Man is a flesh eating zombie with the power of the horror movie sequel and as such, the creative team have a blast teaming him up with Cassie and Vlad. This comic book is one outrageous send up of the horror movie genre but its premise of an alternate reality where heroes are turned to zombies is not only poking fun at such books as Marvel Zombies, but also indirectly paying homage to them. There’s even a very funny parody of the Avengers. I highly recommend it and you can read it for free at this website. 

Double the Cassie Hack fun this month and a free comic? How can you pass that up?


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