Fire! Fire! Fire!

What a difference a couple of days make. Last thursday I was in Chino Hills covering the Chino Hills-Diamond Bar game for the Walnut paper and just a few days later, brush fires raging out of control had forced some people to evacuate their homes.

These last few days have been crazy, it’s pretty scary to know that fires have been raging out of control all around us, Sunday and Monday they were as close as Diamond Bar which is only about 15 minute drive to Covina. You can go outside and smell the fires. On saturday I was driving back from an event in Fullerton, but in actuallity it would be more accurate to say that I was trying to get home because the 57 freeway was shut down for awhile in both directions. The fires were so close, it was so dark at 1 PM you would have thought it was evening time. I remember brushing off ashes from my friend’s shoulder as soot rained down on her.

 The students at Citrus College have a pretty good first hand account of what went on in the Brea and Fullerton and sorrounding areas. It was pretty amazing.

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