Nothing Like the Holidays

A movie review!

nothinglikeI’m taking a break from my usual reviews of comics and comic related movies to do a mini-review of this film because I saw it this weekend with my good friend Massiel Bobadilla. Massiel and I met while we both worked on the Mt. SAC newspaper together and she now works writing for a website (though don’t ask me which because I forget.)

I was in a bit of a funk due to some personal problems and she’s a good friend that listens to me whenever I need to talk and she had to write a review of this movie for work so I tagged along with her and another friend.

Overall, this is a good holiday themed movie, there are a myriad of good performances including a nice susprise role by Debra Messing.  Even though John Leguizamo is not one of my favorite actors, he does a good solid job in this story about a dysfunctional Puerto Rican-American family which get together for a holiday reunion. Even though there are some predictable moments in the film, I would say that these did not interfere with my enjoyment of it as a whole. It is cheesy at times, but even though the characters are all given subplots to work out and they eventually all come to a head like a powder keg, the pacing is good enough to make you want to keep watching until the inevitable resolution of every minor conflict presented in the film.

Afterwards, we went to get milke tea and boba at a tea place in the village in Walnut while watching shooting starts streaking from the city sky. Usually you have to go camping to see them and they are not quite visible from the city. It was quite cool. Right now I am quite busy as I am sure is everyone else finalizing holiday plans and finishing up xmas shopping. I have a whole stable of comics sitting in my hard drive which I have yet to get to, but am dying to. The end of 2008 is shaping off to be a busy one.

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