Wizard World L.A. cancelled!

wizarduniverse_2037_540726030Our sagging economy has claimed yet another victim. I got an email late last week saying that Wizard World L.A. had been postponed and Wizard World Texas was going to be cancelled. I have been attending the L.A. show for three years now, although a few years back it was held in Long Beach.

I was pretty disappointed to hear the L.A. show had been postponed. What does this mean anyway? Will they hold it later in the year? It was originally scheduled for March 13-15 and like I said I had been looking forward to it until I read the press release.

No indication was given why both shows were cancelled on the email but the Wizard website makes it known that it was “due to the current economic climate.” I had noticed that last year’s show seemed smaller in terms of attendees than previous years, but I attributed it to the change in venue and other factors.

Thanks a lot George W. Bush for ruining the economy and getting rid of Wizard World!
Maybe if things are financially stable for me by summer, I may make a trip to Chicago and attend Wizard World Chicago which is highly popular and is going on as planned.

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