Closer to free

Posts have been few and far between on this blog. I was dealing with some stuff which prevented my usual blogging habits. Emotional attachments are the worst. Since the holidays I have been moping and down about someone whom I had a crush on and didn’t work out. I feel so empty, when you like someone and they don’t feel the same way, it can really wear you out. I was talking about this last night with a friend whom I had not really talked to in several years but we reconnected because of the internet. Damn facebook! Anyhow, she could empathize with what I said because she was apparently going through the same thing.

The weird thing is that I know I am going to remain friends with the person, but it’s going to take some time to get over the attraction and that is the part I never deal with too well.

I am ready to start the healing process and ready to move on but I have to retrain my heart and my soul to start to do so. Some of my friends who have heard me complain about this are probably sick to death of hearing me talk about this but all I can offer is that if I have seemed distant or weird to anyone, well know you know the reason. I keep listening to this song by the Bodeans over and over again, because I find it so true: Everybody wants to live how they want to live, Everybody wants to love how they want to love (even if sometimes it may not be the best idea) Everybody wants to be closer to free…

and so do I…so badly….

4 Responses to Closer to free

  1. kathys218407 says:

    Will today’s game cheer you up any?

  2. tyroshutterbug says:

    Not really. I have really cared little about the playoffs since the Chargers were bounced out

  3. Lucy says:

    That sucks. Chicks. What can you do? I guess you can crank call her but I am not sure if that strategy has won many hearts over.

    It’s weird cause because the sadness is not just over not getting the girl but it’s also losing the anticipation, excitement, and emotions of being in love. Hope you can feel that again soon.

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