My latest rant: Hero Complex: worst “comic” blog ever?

watchmen-minutemen3Late last year I saw an ad for the LA Times Blog: Hero Complex which borrowed a lot of imagery from the comic book world. I thought I’d give it a shot and was supremely disappointed. Although I only scanned a few posts, most of them are not about comics but rather comics related movies in Hollywood, upcoming projects, graphic novels everyone’s heard of but not John Doe (You know like Watchmen, Y The Last Man, etc) and other pop culture stuff with The Dark Knight info ad nauseum.
They should rename this blog to Movie Hero Complex or something along those lines. This week’s edition for example, features info on Lon Chaney (WTF? OK maybe it should be called Monster Complex)

Now, I have nothing against Lon Chaney, I love classic horror movies just as much as the next guy, but horror has been a staple in comics since the 40s and 50s or even earlier, might be nice to read about some of the books inspired by Chaney and others of his ilk. There’s other stuff about the new Trek movie, Battle Star Galactica and Star Wars, all geek properties to be sure, but I thought this was Hero Complex, not Geek Complex or Nerd Complex.

The only info remotely connected to comics is nestled somewhere in the column with information about Rob Leifeld’s Youngblood being possibly made into another Hollywood train wreck. Great, it isn’t enough that they might actually ruin Watchmen by changing the ending of the graphic novel or that “Wanted” and “League of Extra-Ordinary Gentlemen” were butchered or that the entire premise of  “I am Legend” was changed,  now Hollywood is making adaptations of less known 90’s Image properties. What’s next? Savage Dragon meets the Hulk?? Actually that might make a good flick…

If you want to read a good comic book blog, check out Rokk’s comic book revolution and skip Hero Complex altogether. That is unless you want to watch the latest Watchmen trailer or read about how Dark Knight got snubbed for Oscar best picture considerations. Yawn!

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