Luchadores in space

luchadores1My friend George Leon has been working hard on a new comic and it’s finally done. It’s called “Luchadores in Space” and it’s about luchadores who are down on their luck and working on a lunch truck to make ends meet.

When one has the idea to speed up their deliveries and garner more costumers by modifying their vehicle, all kinds of adventures ensue.

Those of you who know George remember he was always drawing and he tells me that his first comic was “a labor of love” in more ways that one. You see, his mom passed away from breast cancer a few years back and all the proceeds from the small print run of the first issue are going to charity for an organization that researches breast cancer.

Everyone is real proud of George for completing his comic, like many nascent artists, he wrote, penciled, colored and inked it himself. Little did I know years ago when we were going out to buy comics together at the Golden Apple in Melrose and variuos other locales around town that one day George would realize his dream of becoming a working comic book artist himself.

“Luchadores in Space” will be exhibited at the Stumptown Comics fest in Portland coming up in April where George will have a booth along with the other artists and vendors. Though not as big as say Wizard World or San Diego Con, Stumptown has been attracting big names over the years and is certainly a colorful stop for the industry with WonderCon just around the corner.  If you happen to be in the Portland area in April, come out and support local artists and say hello to George and get your copy of LIS from Palooka Press.

2 Responses to Luchadores in space

  1. George Leon says:

    Thanks for the write up compadre. Really touching, but you forgot to mention Earl and the place that opened down the strret from Golden Apple ” Cheap Comics ” I think they lasted a month. Oh but Hi-de Ho in Santa Monica they are still happening

  2. tyroshutterbug says:

    I don’t think as long as I live I will ever forget Earl. He was a bizzare pit stop on the road of life that’s for sure!!

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