Buffy #23

buffy2__23_altAfter a couple of unusually off books, the Buffy train is back on track with issue #23 which includes an Andrew-Buffy story and has Buffy going up against a rogue Slayer.

Don’t want to say more than that and give away the plot, but it is comforting to know that we finally get a good script from a former Buffy writer (Drew Greenberg who also penned some Smallville, The O.C. and Dexter eps) in season 8. It’s not an outstanding installment, but definitely an improvement over the previous two.

Andrew steals the show this time around and his geek bonding with Buffy is the highlight of the entire comic. Whether he’s pontificating on Jedi knights fighting Superman or expressing his surprise at liking Daniel Craig as the new James Bond, what works about this marvelous exchange is that not only does it come across as natural unforced dialogue, which was always one of the strengths of the show, it is also totally in keeping with Andrew’s nerdy characterization.

That’s not to say the character hasn’t progressed, you don’t get to become a watcher and get bestowed with tremendous responsibilities and not experience some character growth and maturity.

Andrew is always good for comic relief. If there is one flaw with this comic, it’s a minor one and that is that it isn’t new reader friendly, and come to think of it, it isn’t even easy for long time readers of season eight because unless you remember Simone was mentioned back in issue #11, you might be hard pressed to recall who the character even was.

Artwise, this is a good looking comic book, Georges Jeanty continues to prove he’s the best artist this side of Cliff Richards to handle the cast as he expertly renders everyone’s likeness. Add to that another beautiful Jo Chen cover and you have a can’t miss comic book. Faith returns next issue! Can’t wait!

2 Responses to Buffy #23

  1. cnspiracy says:

    Nice review, just finished reading the issue. My review will probably be up sometime in the next days (totally swamped with exam work). Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. […] Once again (sigh) we get a single issue story in Buffy’s issue #23 and this time our hero slayer gets backup from Andrew, former criminal mastermind and now a watcher for the Council. This means tons of nerd- and geek-speak for the readers and the chance to see Buffy herself have moment of geek weakness. Story wise, Buffy and Angel have to fight an obscure  rogue slayer (I think she is mentioned in issue #11) that has gone bad and has taken over an island in Italy as a base of operations. There is not much happening in the issue and I have to say, had it not been for the funny nerd references this issue would have been abysmal. Once again an issue of minor quality, and I’m sadly starting to lose interest in the series. Also check out this other review: click! […]

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