Did I fall asleep??

I’m really enjoying Joss Whedon’s “Dollhouse” and some people will probably say that would be a given since I am such a huge Buffy fan, but that isn’t necessarily true. I didn’t watch “Firefly” and even though I watched and liked “Angel” I thought it was inferior to Buffy in many ways.

Thus, it wasn’t guaranteed that I would like this show, but I do and I didn’t even like the pilot that much. However, the writing is good and they finally came around to giving us a major plot twist for the rest of the season in episode 5. In fact, both “Gray Hour” and “True Believer” have been really fun to watch, showing Eliza’s range at playing different personalities and moods. Topher is a little annoying and somewhat reminiscent of other characters and Eliza’s cat burglar persona in “Gray Hour” was somewhat derivative of Jessica Alba’s character in “Dark Angel” right down to the sleek leather black outfit. However, I am interested in seeing what comes next, from reveals about the mysterious active code named “Alpha” to the further characterization of the other actives.

The last episode moved the federal agent played by Paul Ballard closer to figuring out the whereabouts of Echo and the Dollhouse, or at least until the climax. I really hope that he isn’t reduced to a “Mr McGee” role, chasing down the elusive actives. Also, why is an active getting a physical reaction out of Sierra? Are there going to be any residual effects from Echo’s surgery?

Either way, you know the producers and writers are moving towards more complications. The best thing is, thanks to the internet, and modern technology, you can watch the episodes online any time you want.

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