The one dollar bin on Twitter

twitter-hashclouds1 Perhaps a lot of you have joined twitter, are on it or have been on it for a while. While in Sacramento covering a protest on budget cuts earlier this week I came across an article on one of the Sacramento freebies entitled “Why Twitter sucks,” it was an interest pro-con piece in which one user sang the praises of the site like a canary (ha, I could not resist the obviously bad avian-themed pun) while his colleague dumped all over the site.

Well, I have been using it mostly to keep up with updates from school friends and the school newspaper and find it pretty cool. My co-worker said to me yesterday, “I hate that website.”

Well, no matter, in my attempt to keep up with the new media trends, Behind My Byline has joined Twitter and you can follow on our page, appropriately titled The One Dollar Bin.

Over and out.

2 Responses to The one dollar bin on Twitter

  1. tweak68k! says:

    I’ve just jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. We’ll see how it goes.

  2. tyroshutterbug says:

    It’s fun but strange to be limited to 140 characters for updates, wonder how they arrived at that number? And if they were anticipating limitations from mobile updates. I could research it, but I am lazy and not that interested

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