dreaming of journalism, the past, the future…

picture_convention I work for a community newspaper part time. I also work for the journalism department at the college where I graduated also part time. This weekend most of the staff at the college paper where I work are up north in Sacramento at a journalism convention, an annual celebration of college journalism.

I’ve been there, done that. The state of communications has really changed in the last couple of years and not all the changes have been for the better. Many newspapers are unfortunately closing their doors or having massive layoffs. This isn’t news to anyone that is in the field of communications.

So in addition to the usal challenges of learning about their craft, the young journalists I work with are having to deal with an unsure economy. Will they even be able to find jobs after graduation in the craft they are so carefully training for? Most likely a lot will have to settle for freelance work or if they are lucky, they can minor in other related fields while they persue their journalistic dreams. My advice? Learn all you can now because you never know what you learn today can be your bread and butter tomorrow. Have fun in school now while you have the chance because the reality is that the world is a bitter and cold place where people starting out are treated with disdain and lack of respect. Worse yet, as the state’s financial status remains unclear, we aren’t sure if deep cuts to education will put more roadblocks in front of today’s students. Well, at least the student reporters I have been working with are a resourceful bunch. They are young, tech savvy and living in a new era where communications has been segmented and where more and more people depend on new media outlets to get their information and entertainment. I wish them luck.

part of me wishes I was up there with them, then the other part remembers how wiped out I felt after a long day at a convention. Earlier this week I covered a press conference regarding the NFL stadium in Industry. Tomorrow I am covering a protest over an apartment complex development in the SGV. Sunday, the annual Diamond Bar beauty pageant. Not exactly Earth shattering stuff, but we all have to pay our dues. Today in Sacramento, most of the states’ student journalists are paying theirs, what a thought to behold!


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