Retro-Review: Xmen Origins Sabretooth

wolviesabertooth1OK so I am doing catch up on some of the comics I got recently so I guess since this came out more than a month ago, I have to file this under retro-review. Seriously, I don’t know how it is so late, for some reason it was on my batch of March comics, but the release date says February. Was it released late? I can’t recall. At any rate, school starting up again has delayed my comic book reading so I am going to briefly start catching up.

This origin story by writer Kieron Gillen features Logan’s most vicious enemy Sabretooth. Those who read Wolverine regularly will recall that Sabretooth was decapitated in the regular comic, but although we don’t know how final that death really was (All deaths look final in comics but we all know better) this story is more of a flashback.

I should probably mention that one of my favorite comics of all time features Sabretooth, bent on getting revenge on his enemies and going after Spiderman. Unfortunately, he runs into the Black Cat instead and gets a face full of spider-webbing and a visit to the emergency room for his troubles.

Even though it highlights Sabretooth’s annual ritual of tormenting Wolverine on his birthday, and it does feature some time the two spent in the Team-X program, this comic rarely sheds any light on Sabretooth’s past, with the exception of his early life. In that regard it was disappointing. However, the art is good and Dan Panosian renders the viciousness of Creed and the antagonism Wolverine feels towards him with the requisite amount of violence and character expressions. This is a good comic book, if anyone out there missed it, Newsarama had a pretty good Q and A with the writer earlier in the year.

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