Retro review: War of Kings #2

secret_invasion_war_of_kings_pOK again, so sorry for the lag of time in between posts. School started on March 30 for me and it has been a crazy whirlwind since. It probably didn’t help that I went camping shortly after in Santa Barbara and that I have used my time away from studying and school and work to pursue story ideas for the newspaper. Is it any wonder that I haven’t had much time to post?

Actually I am still terribly behind on my comic book reading and I just barely read the first two installments of War of Kings, which by the way is terrific. This barely makes it as a retro-review because the book has only been out a week or so, and already it’s sold out necessitating reprints and variant covers. One would expect Marvel to try and cash-in quickly with reprints when they have a good concept on their hands.
I have always been a sucker for the Inhumans so this storyline featuring the cosmic drama involving the Kree and the Inhumans has me clamoring for more. The story revolves around the war between the Shiar led by Vulcan and the Kree. Throw in the Starjammers and former X-Men Havok and Lorna Dane (Polaris) and a whole slew of other cosmic characters and you have a great new series. Personally, I think this is some really good storytelling by writers Abnett and Lanning as they manage to juggle multiple plot threads started in Secret Invasion, Silent War and other recent Marvel crossover events with ease. The artwork by various artists is also pretty good. Can’t wait to read the next installment

4 Responses to Retro review: War of Kings #2

  1. Liz says:

    I think the dates are screwed up on your blog. This post says its April 16th, 2009 and I’m fairly certain that today is April 15th, 2009.

  2. tyroshutterbug says:

    its possible, then again never sure if wordpress goes by pacific or Eastern standard time, so depending on what time it is the server thinks it is, that’s the date it will record, but who the hell knows?

  3. Tami says:

    Hey I just heard that Joss Whedon is planning to bring back Tara Maclay in Buffy Season Eight! Do you think you could find out more about it?

  4. tyroshutterbug says:

    I’m on it, check back in a few with an update on that

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